Yoga Workshops

Heart Opening Workshop Saturday May 12th 2pm-3.30pm

Starting with an energised, intuitive, flowing practice to warm the whole body, focusing on opening the heart while creating movement and mobility in the spine, leading to classical back-bending postures.
Safe and mindful backbending practice offers so many benefits – improves posture and flexibility of the spine, improves alignment (which can help alleviate neck and back pain), soothes and stimulates the nervous system which elevates our mood and reduces feelings of stress and tension and connects us to our heart chakra which deepens our feelings of love, connection and openness.
This workshop is ideal for you if you have a fairly regular or established practice and are keen to explore ways to improve your backbends and increase your confidence. Come and open your heart!

The workshop is led by Allison Alexander, who believes that establishing a regular practice is one of the most life-enhancing things we can do for ourselves. Her desire to teach yoga comes from her own experience of how yoga has benefited her life. She believes that developing a healthy relationship with ourselves is fundamental to a healthy mind, body and spirit.Yoga, she believes, can help to enhance our experience of life by bringing us closer to our true selves. When we truly know ourselves we can begin to free ourselves from our conditioning, learn to meet our needs and begin to flourish, grow and self-actualise.

Allison’s workshops encourage self-discovery. She teaches with strong emphasis on alignment and breath, with compassion and respect for the individual experience that is unique to each student.

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