Tai Chi Chuan

A 10 week course led by Catherine Birkinhead starting 11th January 2018 from 6.30-7.30pm at a cost of £100.    
Its not too late to come along and try a session, book online or email for more information, we will pro rata the course fees if you decide to sign up.
An opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of this ancient Chinese Martial Art, for health, relaxation, self defence and well being.
A soft internal art that develops internal strength while remaining soft and yielding with relaxation yet powerful with flowing movement. It is often referred to as “meditation in movement”
Lessons include:
 Wudang style Hand Form, learn to understand the movements and how self defence techniques relate to the form, body alignment, postures, stance and technique, gentle Tui Shou partner exercises including silk reeling, single push hands, four directions, yielding exercises, developing harmony of movement with breath for health & well being.
releases tension, develops flexibility and core stability, promotes relaxation & calm, alert mind, increases blood circulation, improves balance & co-ordination, develops deeper breathing for healthier lungs, stimulates central nervous system, strengthens muscles, tendons & joints.