What should I wear? Comfortable clothing that allows you to move and stretch, you will get hot in Barre particularly but all the classes except meditation will increase circulation and body temperature so layers are good! For Pilates the clothing should not be too loose as we need to see your body alignment to check the exercises are both safe and effective.

Barefoot for Yoga & Barre, or special yoga socks that have grips on the bottom, Barefoot or Socks for Pilates, you need soft shoes or socks for Tai Chi & Qigong. Ballet shoes or barefeet for Adult Ballet.

Should I eat before a class? Generally not a good idea, try and eat about 2 hours before or have a light snack if you need a little energy boost.

Which should I do Pilates or Yoga? I’ve never done either.  In the end this comes down to personal choice, Pilates is more focussed on core strength, body alignment and flowing movements, Yoga is more holistic embracing mind and body and has poses that are held for longer. Both focus on flexibility, strength and posture. Why not try our introductory offer, £40 for a month any class, anytime as many times as you can make it!

I have an injury, can I still do the classes? As ever this depends on the nature of the injury, provided that you are not exercising contrary to medical advice we can provide adaptations for most conditions. Indeed Pilates and Yoga are often recommended by Doctors and Physios to aid recovery.

I am pregnant, apart from the Pregnancy Yoga & Pre & Post Natal classes, what other classes I do? Subject to the instructors agreement you can go to any of the classes except Urban Pilates. We do ask that you check with your health professionals before starting any exercise and generally we do not recommend taking up a new form of exercise in pregnancy except for those specifically designed for pregnant women.

Do I need to bring anything?   We provide mats and all the equipment you might need but we do not provide drinking water. There are toilets available which you can use to change but no showers.

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