What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental wellbeing. The main components of yoga are postures (a series of movements designed to increase strength and flexibility) and breathing. The practice originated in India about 5,000 years ago, and has been adapted in other countries in a variety of ways.

What are the health benefits of yoga?

Dozens of scientific trials of varying quality have been published on yoga. While there’s scope for more rigorous studies on its health benefits, most studies suggest yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity, especially strength, flexibility and balance. There’s some evidence that regular yoga practice is beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, aches and pains – including lower back pain – depression and stress.

What class is right for me?

All our classes are suitable for beginners with options being given for those who have done Yoga before, our experienced instructors Carolyn, Allison and Kate will lead you through a series of classic postures with variations to suit all.

Hatha yoga is a gentle class suitable for beginners.

Vinyasa flow is more challenging with poses held for longer.

Yang Yin Yoga is a perfect combination to balance the mind and body.
Yang yoga is one of the more dynamic and active forms of yoga. Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, and Vinyasa yoga are specific styles that could be included as a yang practice. Yang yoga poses often emphasize strength and endurance, they are active, powerful, and generate heat in the body.
Followed by slow, simple yin yoga is the class to choose if you want to calm the mind and stretch the body. A passive practice, Yin Yoga involves variations of seated and supine poses typically held for 3 to 5 minutes, accessing deeper layers of fascia.
Pregnancy Yoga  Yoga & Pregnancy go well together, these classes are designed to help you adapt gracefully to the many changes that will take place both in your physical body, energy levels as well as your mental and emotional state. Click here for more information